3 Keys to a Perfect Barbeque; How to Set Your Grill Using Sawdust Charcoal

3 Keys to a Perfect Barbeque; How to Set Your Grill Using Sawdust Charcoal

In all fairness, an outdoor dining might never fail to please crowds. A barbeque dinner is everyone’s favorite although sometimes it could be tricky too. Either you end up cremating anything you put on the grill or unintentionally serve your friends with dangerously harmful and carcinogenic meal. Cooking over a firing grill requires you to master some of its basic techniques in order to be able to serve such delicious and presentable ‘barbies’ to the table. Don’t get intimidated yet since we have 3 tips to level up your grilling game.

1. Choose Your Fuel Right

To start things of, you need to make sure that you choose charcoal over gas fuel. The reason is simple; you won’t get any smoky flavor if you use gas. Using charcoal, such as sawdust charcoal, allows you to incorporate the smoky flavor and seriously it is what you’re looking for in a tasty barbecue food. Choose sawdust charcoal that has neutral flavor and additive free as it is a healthier choice and literally the best charcoal for barbecue. 

2. Get the Charcoal Heat Up

Another reason why you should choose sawdust charcoal is because the constant temperature you’re trying to get. It is also important to build up the flavor as the constant temperature will help locking all the deliciousness. Hence, get your charcoal on fire then wait until it dies down.

3. Read Your Grill

Alright, so you’ve got the fuel right and set your charcoal to certain temperature. Now, you have to wait until the coals white hot and give a good 15 to 20 minutes before putting anything on the grill. This will allow the heat to distribute evenly as well as kill any bacteria on your grill. The evenly and properly heated grill will allow your meat to stay juicy in the inside and prevent it from sticking even though it is seared on contact with the grill.


Once you do all the three techniques, check the heat level by holding your hand 5 inches away from the grill. If you can comfortably hold your hand for more than two seconds, it means your grill isn’t hot enough. Yet, when you can barely hold the heat for 2 seconds, you are ready to go.