We Provide The Indonesia's High Quality Agricultural Products And Green House Technology

PT Nudira Sumber Daya Indonesia

is your reliable and accountable partner in providing Indonesia’s high quality products. We are situated in Indonesia’s growing city of Bogor while our products come from all over Indonesian archipelago. Our Company is established in order to promote and uplift Indonesia’s both raw material or commodities as well as industrial products that are purchased directly from the farmers and producers, by doing this we shorten the supply chain process and in return we can provide significant benefits to both our local partners and overseas buyers by giving them appropriate and reasonable prices.

We have wide range of experience in agricultural products as basically we come from agricultural background; thus we know the good and bad sides of these business. Although, PT. Nudira Sumber Daya Indonesia was just established in 2013, every one of us sitting in the Board of Director have been in the international line of business since three decades. We believe that our skills and long term of experiences will be fruitfully useful to add value to our customers.

We assigned high qualified and experience individual in our organization so we can provide maximum support to our end user customer by providing them with high quality products and fair price. We highly value our customers’ money and time.

Our business policy is that we purchase our products directly from farmers or producers so we have no any requirement of intermediaries in which we could give our products to our customer at low cost by still maintaining high quality of such product. We also follow international norms and standard applied in export business, so we are always put our customers as our top priority and satisfying their requirement is absolutely our mission.

Our company is situated in a strategic location in Bogor wherein since the Dutch era has been acknowledged as agricultural City. Since Bogor is only 40 KM away in southern part of Indonesian capital city of Jakarta, we have a strategic position and can enjoy the facilities and infrastructure of Jakarta that is critically important for export business. Because of this position, we can ship our goods without any delay so that our customer could get their products in timely manner.

We take care of our entire business partners with our heart because we believe it is a critical factor to establish long term business relationship and mutual benefits.


We are focus on developing Indonesian Agricultural Products and we provide the Most High Quality Products that Produce in our own Plantation and Factory

Indo Coconut Charcoal

Coconut Charcoal Briquettes

We Produce Our Own Charcoal for BBQ and Shisha in our own factory located in Sukabumi City .

Fresh Fruits & Veggies

We Plant our Hydroponic in Integrated and High Tech Green house Located in Pengalengan , Kab Bandung, West Java.

Flower & Ornamental Plants

We Breed and Grow Our Plant In our Nursery and Sell Globally With Export Standard and Sustain Production

Green House Technology Construction

We Help the Goverment and Private Company to Build their own Green House to established the Reliable and Sustainable Farm in Purpose to Fulfill the Market Needs

Hydroponic Academy

Hydropponic Academy

We Help The Indonesia's youth to become expert in hydroponic and greenhouse technology. and get chance to work overseas in our global partner's greenhouse.

Nudira Learning Center

We Help The Indonesia's people to develop their knowledge in Business, Especially in Agriculture and Export Business. We also established Nudira Hydroponic Academy to Create the Professional Green House Crew to Manage our Green House in all Over the Worlds.