Fruit is one of the most natural foods we can eat and it is full of health benefits. Here are just some of the 9 ways, demonstrating why fruit will make you a better person after eating today.

  1. Fruit Active Your Brain

Once you consume fruit, the natural sugars stimulate your brain to recall information quicker and easier than before.

  1. Fruits Hydrate You

Just like us, fruit is made up to of 70 – 80 % water, so it is logical for us to eat food that contains as much water as we doo. No other food in this planet matches thate average of 80% watr.

  1. Fruit Is 100% Bad-Cholesterol Free

Meat and dairy contain high amounts of bad – cholesterol whereas fruit is bad cholesterol free.

  1. Fruit Makes You Feel Good

Folate, also known as B9 or folic acid help to support seretonin (the happinness chemical) production. The more you eat the better you’ll feel. There are numerous innuendos that can be had with fruit. Laughter triggers an endorphin rush wich gives you that feel – good feeling. So more J please !

  1. Fruit Boots the Immune System

The Vitamin A in fruit helps to boost your body’s deenses by identifying pathogents an expelling them from your body.

  1. Fruit Fights Infection

Vitamin C helps to protect the cells in your body and keep them fighting fit toward of any evil harmful bacteria or viruses.

  1. Fruit Heals a Broken Heart

A literal broken heart can be caused by heart dissease. Each portion of fruit you much descreases that risk to you by a whopping 7%.

  1. Fruit for Living Longer

Indonesians spend the most money on treating diseases caused by obesity in Southeast Asia last year, a report by a public-private organization showed. Fruits make you so health and living longer. If everyone eats the recommended five a day, this number would be halved. So, don’t let us lose you early!

  1. Fruit isn’t Expensive

People often cite their lack of fruit snaffling on the cost to their wallet. Next time you visit a shop or supermarket, double check how much that pack of biscuits cost you compared to one apple. Cheaper is not ?

So, let’s be a healthy person by eating fruit every day!