Renewable Energy

Wood pellets made from wood processing waste (branches, twigs, leaf litter, sawdust and others) are environmentally friendly fuels that can be renewed and mass produced to replace coal 

High Calories

The caloric value is 4.7 KWh / Kg which is almost equivalent to coal

Low Ash

Our Wood Pellet has The Low ash Content below 0.6 %, it will become the clean energy for the environment


Easy To Ignite and Cost Effective

Our Mass Production Will be Affect to the Economical Issue in Biomass and also Become the Solution For Your Business

About us

Our Company is Manufacturer of Renewable Energy Fuels That Come from Waste of Woods in Indonesia. We Maintain or Quality To Enhanced The Needs of Biomass Energy for The Industrial Power Plant in Overseas  Country.

Our mission

Our Mission is Helping The World to Start Convert the Fossil Fuels To the Biomass Fuels. Together We Can Be a Solution for The Future Energy 

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