Indonesian Shrimp and Lobster are superior compared to other countries
Indonesia from 10 years ago to the present is still the largest exporter of shrimp products in ASEAN and has the best quality in the world. After that followed by neighboring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam which became heavy competitors in the problem of exporting these products.
While for the largest shrimp export destination countries from Indonesia are Japan and the United States. so far the shrimp products produced from Cilacap are not fish-based shrimp, but come from the sea so they do not contain antibiotics. This achievement is inseparable from that, the government’s efforts to boost production and increase the competitiveness of national fishery product production are also very much considered. The increase in exports also has a very extraordinary role from entrepreneurs, the fisheries industry, stakeholders to be able to plunge directly into the existing investment opportunities.
Moreover, it is in accordance with the objectives of Presidential Instruction Number 7 of 2016, where fisheries products from both land and sea in Indonesia must be able to provide welfare, employment, and additional foreign exchange.

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Textile and Product Textile: The Most Wanted Indonesian Export Commodities

bright prospect

Indonesia’s textile and textile products industry is one of the industries that has a fairly bright prospect. In addition, the TPT Industry is highly prioritized to be developed in the country. Why is that? because the manufacturing sector has a strategic role in the national economy, which is not only as a contributor to foreign exchange, it absorbs large numbers of workers, and it turns out that it is also an industry that is relied on to meet national clothing needs. Despite the uncertain situation of the world trade, the Indonesian textile export market is believed to be still prospective.

The Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita targeted, this year’s exports of Indonesian textile and textile products (TPT) to increase 8% from last year’s US $ 12.78 billion. The textile and textile products (TPT) industry is believed to be able to contribute significantly to foreign exchange earnings from exports this year. During January-July 2018, the value of shipping Indonesian TPT products has reached US $ 7.74 billion and is targeted to reach US $ 14 billion by the end of 2018. At present even though the TPT industry is ranked 3rd in national exports and absorbs employment of up to 2.79 million people with production that is able to meet 70-75% of the domestic clothing needs. Quite extraordinary isn’t it?

In addition, based on research data from Mister Exporters, for the market share of Textile exports and Textile Products or the like, the destination countries for TPT exports are: the United States, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Britain, China and Malaysia. (data: 2015 – 2017).

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