Indonesia’s President was an Exporter

Indonesia’s President was an Exporter

Before serving as Indonesia’s 7th President, Mr. Joko Widodo first started his career as a furniture entrepreneur. In his hometown, Solo, Jokowi wrestled down to develop the business. Starting from seeking capital to taking care of employees. His company exported furniture to Europe, America, and now many also go to Korea and Japan.
So that makes him know very well the ins and outs of trying. Jokowi recounted how difficult it was to find business capital in the beginning, then went around looking for buyers, taking care of complicated permits, filling out tax returns, taking care of employees, employees, and managing production equipment.

The President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, talked about the difficulty of being a businessman, so he told the young generation who wanted to start a business not to give up easily. Despite having a busy life as a president, it did not necessarily make his business stop. Never be afraid to start a business. Because, failure is a common thing felt by someone who pioneered his business. To start a business there is no right time. Get started at any time. What is clear is that it will never happen if it doesn’t start.
Until now, furniture production is still routinely exported to Asia and Europe.
The President is just an exporter, let’s try … to start the export business.

now it is your turn to doing export or even import business to make your country bettter.

What Are The Document Requirement for Export Business

What Are The Document Requirement for Export Business

For the need for export legality documents, you should have thought about having a business that has complete legality such as: SIUP (Trading Business License), TDP (sign of company registration), NPWP (principal taxpayer number) and other permits related to the product You will export. While other export documents that you must know are as follows.


That is a document / letter of agreement between the seller and buyer that is a follow-up of the purchase order requested by the importer. It contains the terms of payment for goods to be sold, such as price, quality, quantity, method of transportation, insurance payments and so on. This contract is the basis for buyers to fill out the application for opening an L / C to the Bank.


That is, offers in the form of ordinary invoices from sellers to potential buyers. Proforma invoise is also an offer to buyers to place their orders which often often get requests from buyers so that the seller gets an import permit from the authorized agency in the importer country. This invoice usually states the terms of sale and purchase of goods. So that after the buyer has agreed to the order there will be a definite contract. The use of this invoice is also used if the settlement will be made in advance of payment before shipment, on a consignment basis or depending on the tender.


That is the note of details about the amount of goods sold, the price of the goods and the calculation of the payment. This invoice is addressed by the seller (exporter) to the buyer (importer) whose name and address are as stated in the L / C and signed by the person who has the right to sign it.


That is the guarantee from the issuing bank to the exporter in accordance with the instruction from the importer to make a certain amount payment with a certain period of time based on the submission of documents requested by the importer


documents that prove and explain that certain supervision and checks have been carried out on related products.



That is a letter made by the Shipper (the owner of an item or an expedition company) addressed to the carrier / ship (shipping) to receive and load the cargo contained in the letter


Namely documents from exporters submitted to surveyors to submit export products that have been analyzed and verified and tested to qualify for customs because they have fulfilled export requirements.


That is the report on the results of technical import / verification conducted by an independent surveyor appointed by the Ministry of Trade.


Customs documents used to notify the implementation of the export of goods. PEB is made by exporters or their proxies by using PEB software online.


That is a note issued by an Export Document Checker or a Computer Service System for Goods Export Notification (PEB) submitted, to protect the entry of goods to be exported to the Customs Area and / or their loading to the transport facility.


That is the receipt of the goods that have been loaded into the ship which is also a proof of ownership of the goods. Also as proof of the existence of a contract or agreement to transport goods by sea. Air Way Bill (AWB) is the same document as B / L which explains ownership of imported goods carried out using the air line.


This document is made by the exporter explaining the description of the goods packed, wrapped, tied in a crate that is usually required by customs.


A statement signed to prove the origin of an item is used to obtain import duty facilities or as a quota counter in the destination country and to prevent the entry of goods from prohibited countries. documents stating the origin of the goods we import, usually in the issue by e-commerce (Trade Department) in the country of origin of the goods.


That is the proof of accountability issued by the insurance company at the request of the exporter or importer to ensure the safety of the goods sent. An insurance policy is important because it can prove that the items in it have been insured. This document also mentions the risks that are closed. This document states which party requests insurance and to whom party the claim is paid. Each insurance must be paid in the same currency as the L / C, except in the L / C terms there is another statement.

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